Cooking with Pip & Joli

A series of shorts, charts, and recipe cards that follow a plucky chicken who dreams of becoming a master chef.

The Masked Fables

An original graphic novel and screenplay following a wanderer and a lost spirit stumbling through adventures in a fairy tale land.

lotf v2.jpg

Lord of the Flies

Illustrations and a graphic retelling of excerpts from the classic novel by William Golding.



echo fortuna.jpg

Echo Fortuna

An incomplete indie game developed by Tiny Spirit. Players use a looping time mechanic to solve mysteries and help characters stumble into their happy endings.

disaster detector.jpg

Disaster Detector

Developed at Filament Games for the Smithsonian Science Education Center. A resource management game for the Android, iOS, Web that teaches players to analyze and interpret data on natural disasters .

slower speed of light.jpg

A Slower Speed of Light

A desktop app developed at MIT Game Lab that has players help a spirit reach the after-world while experiencing the effects of special relativity.