What is Creative Incubation?

The world is filled with experiences, and good or bad, we humans tend to be deeply affected by its richness. Creative incubation is the process of honing these emotions, and weaving them into something that also resonates with others. At its core, proper creative incubation encompasses shepherding an artist to become their best creative self. While there are many mediums to foster creativity, for my services, I specialize in visual and storytelling mediums such as illustration, video/board games, comics, novels, sculpture, and animation.


WHAT are YOU expressing?

One of the greatest obstacles to fostering a personal voice comes from conflicting incentives and motivations. Whether it’s rooted in idolization, embarrassment, or industry pressures, the first step to creating great work lies in identifying what part of an artist’s work rings true and what doesn’t. Through individual consultation and tutoring, my services work to polish style and personal expression. By honing in on natural inclinations, strengths, and unique perspectives, this curriculum works to answer questions like “What is important to you?”, “What is your relationship with art?”, and “How is what you consume different from what you produce?”.

This service is for you if you feel you lack direction, have a hard time expressing yourself through art, and/or want to know what your “special sauce” is.


Case Study : ENA KIM

Ena Kim is an artist who had her start in online role playing communities and was heavily influenced by Disney and anime. She first inquired about stagnating progress and her struggle to render volumetric characters and spaces, but with a little bit of self examination, guidance, and hard work, it soon became clear that her true relationship with her artwork lies outside of those parameters. It turned out that in her day to day, Ena finds cleaning and organizing calming. With some more digging, it also turned out that she approached her artwork with the same sentimentality. After these ideas were explored and previous definitions of “successful art” were jettisoned, it became evident that her style was more suited to flat, simple and abstract forms—a visual language that is essentially “cleaning up” shapes and forms found in the world. Today, Ena is a successful freelance artist who sells her distinct artistic sensibilities as a graphic designer, illustrator, and as a vendor for her prints.

Artwork by Ena Kim that depicts various stages of her artistic development.


HOW Are you expressing it?

Going hand in hand with what you are expressing, is HOW you are expressing yourself. In the same way pronunciation, spelling, and grammar are key to communicating through language, technical skills in art making can be the key to making yourself accessible and highly polished. I offer an array of technical classes including traditional/digital drawing, painting, perspective, design, color theory, lighting, and composition.

This service is for you if you want to hone your technical skills to better polish what you want to express.


WHO are you expressing it with?

It’s no secret that group projects require navigating through uncertainty, especially when it comes to creative projects. Tailored workshops and “creativity jam sessions” provide low-risk introductory lessons on creative collaboration, buy-in contributions, creating proof of concepts, minimum viable products, and avoiding scope creep / top-down bloat.

This service is for right you if you want a step by step guide to creating the best project for your creative team.


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